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Shanghai science museum’s opening is one of the most anticipated events in Shanghai history, and the opening of the museum is the main reason why. 

“We are proud of the opening, but it’s also a celebration of science and technology,” said the museum’s director Li Wei, according to local media. 

It will be a year since Shanghai opened its first Science Museum, and it is a year-round event. 

The opening will be marked by a three-day exhibition, and a panel discussion and discussion on the future of science. 

At the end of the day, the museum will host its first public lecture, which is scheduled to be held on November 9, with a keynote speech from Chinese president Xi Jinping. 

Li Wei said the Shanghai Science Museum is also planning to host an exhibition on “the history of the city, science and culture in China”. 

“The opening of Shanghai Science will be one of our biggest achievements as a museum,” he said. 

Shanghai Science Museum opens November 9Thai government and local government officials say the opening is a significant moment for the city.

“The city is opening its first science museum,” said Mayor Huang Chunying.

Shanxi province has long been the home of many of the countrys most innovative research and development.

The Chinese government has long sought to encourage the development of the worlds leading scientific and engineering city and has been increasingly active in the field.

China has been an important part of the Shanghai project, as it is home to several research centres and universities that are part of its national Science and Technology Academy. 

As part of China’s effort to make Shanghai more international, the city hosted the world’s largest scientific conference, held in Beijing, in 2020. 

In 2018, China opened the Shanghai-Oman International Science Festival, a one-day conference that included the world leading scientific teams from the Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

For Shanghai, the opening comes as it prepares to host its second global conference on October 30.

At the conference, China will host a large number of scientists, researchers, technicians and experts from all over the world.

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