The Science Museum at the Magic City at Disney’s Florida Science Museum is a ‘disgusting’ place for children to play, says mom

Posted August 22, 2018 04:15:00 A family from Melbourne, Australia, says they are upset with a science museum in Orlando that is a “disgustingly” high school for children.

The Magic City Science Museum was designed by a group of friends for kids aged five and under, who are encouraged to bring their own toys.

But the museum has been criticized for allowing kids to play with toys of all kinds and making them play with the wrong toys.

The museum also has a big section for toys for older kids and adults to play in.

The family is not happy, and are now urging parents to let their kids play at the museum.

“It’s so horrible, it’s just so disgusting,” said Rachel Brown, the mother of three children.

“I’m so upset, I just feel really bad that this has happened.”

The museum has a huge section for kids to be able to play at.

It also has big sections for adults to be allowed to play.

The children have to be accompanied by an adult, and they can’t bring toys that they have already brought from home.

But Rachel Brown says the children do not have the authority to remove their toys, because they are at the front of the room.

“The adults are the adults, so they’re supposed to be responsible for everything, so we’re just like, ‘well, I don’t want to put my toys on the floor,'” she said.

The mother of one of the children said the museum does not care about children.

She said the children have toys to play on the museum floor.

“They don’t have to bring it out, it just goes on there,” she said, explaining she would not remove it if asked.

“There’s no rules or anything, just the children.”

“It was a beautiful thing that they did, but it was a horrible place for kids, it was very, very disconcerting, and that’s why I’m so disgusted,” she added.

“Because it was such a good thing for kids.

And they had fun, and it was an exciting place to be for kids.”

A spokesman for the museum said they are working to make changes.

“We have recently redesigned the space to make it safer for kids,” he said.

“This includes removing a large section of the floor and removing all toys and items that could be dangerous for children, and ensuring that the museum is a safe space for everyone.”

A thorough investigation has been undertaken to ensure that our space is safe for children and adults alike.””

We are making significant progress, and hope to be in a better position to offer the best possible experience for all visitors.


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