Which scientific museums should you visit next?

The Hill’s science museum, Leicesters, is now in a state of crisis after its president resigned and its chairman was ousted.

The museum was forced to cancel a two-day symposium after the controversy erupted after a professor was found to have plagiarized work from other sources.

The controversy was sparked after a prominent science writer, Michael Crichton, published a piece that cited a paper by an economist from the University of Chicago.

The piece said the paper’s conclusion was “unsupported by empirical evidence.”

The professor was identified as Andrew Gelman.

The Smithsonian and Leicester are among the museums to which Gelman has been employed.

Gelman was also one of the leaders of the American Science Foundation, which had previously made the controversial decision to end its relationship with Gelman and his organization, The American Enterprise Institute.

The Washington Post’s Ellen Nakashima reported Monday that the American Enterprise had severed ties with the institute, after the newspaper reported that the journal had withdrawn a paper written by Gelman that was critical of the Trump administration.

The institute declined to comment Monday.

“We have made this decision because of our strong belief that The American Society of Naturalists and the Smithsonian Institution have no place in the 21st century, and that The Smithsonian Institute has been too eager to promote the Trump Administration,” the institute said in a statement.

Leicesters has been open to the public since it was founded in 1778.

It was the first museum in the United States dedicated to natural history.

Leicesvers mission statement is as follows: “The Museum strives to promote public knowledge and understanding of the natural world and its inhabitants through a strong emphasis on the scientific method.”

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