When the ice broke, the sun was up for the first time in almost three weeks

The sun is back up and well, with temperatures rising in some parts of North America and the Arctic Circle.

It’s a good thing for our future, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

And it’s a bad thing for the rest of the world.

It was supposed to be the hottest day on record on Sunday, according to data from the Climate Prediction Center.

But it didn’t even get that far.

The temperature in the Northern Hemisphere was in the 40s.

So it was a little warmer than normal for a weekend.

But for the majority of the planet, it was still the hottest time of the year.

The world is on track for its hottest year on record, according the National Weather Service.

And that’s in part because the Arctic is warming faster than the rest.

This is the first year in which the Arctic has actually warmed at least 20 percent since records began in 1979.

It gets even more extreme in the Southern Hemisphere, where there’s already been record high temperatures.

A few days ago, there were reports of the Southern Ocean boiling over.

The hottest point of the summer on record was in Antarctica, and it was hotter than the record-breaking summer temperatures that happened earlier this month in the tropics.

This is a very good sign, says David Schmitt, a meteorologist with the National Centers for Environmental Information.

It means that it’s time for the sun to shine again.

And we can expect to see a warm, sunny weekend.

Schmitt tells Climate Central that there are three key factors that have contributed to the record warmth: The El Niño weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean, warmer air that’s been passing through the Northern hemisphere and cooler air that has been moving through the Southern hemisphere.

It’s all going to lead to a warmer world in the coming months.

The biggest factor that could lead to record-setting temperatures is El Niño, the warm Pacific Ocean winds that cause warm weather in parts of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

The warm air that passes through the northern hemisphere moves north and cools the air in the southern hemisphere.

That means the Northern Climate is getting warmer and the Southern Climate is cooling.

Schumann says there are some parts in the world where temperatures are already over 30 degrees Celsius warmer than usual, but the record warm temperature is in the Arctic.

There are some warm spots in the northern and central parts of South America and parts of Africa.

The warmer air can also lead to more intense wildfires, Schmitt says.

In South America, the most active fires are taking place near the Arctic Ocean, and fires are spreading south into the Pacific.

There is some chance that El Niño will break up, but there’s still a possibility of record warmth this year, Schumann says.

But he cautions that we need to be careful.

“If we’re looking at a very short period of time, then it might be a temporary thing,” he says.

The average temperature for January is still at an all-time high.

Temperatures are rising at a pace that is not unprecedented.

Last year, temperatures were higher than normal and some cities recorded record highs.

But this year is different.

The world has already been warming, and the record is only the beginning.

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