What is the significance of this quote?

In 1894, the astronomer Carl Sagan coined the phrase “the greatest discovery of all time” in a speech in which he said that the universe had only been discovered after we had discovered gravity.

His words would inspire thousands of scientists to pursue their research in the hope of discovering the nature of gravity and eventually the meaning of life.

That discovery would prove to be the first evidence that life exists.

In fact, the search for life was one of the great scientific mysteries of the 20th century.

But the discovery of life began more than 70 years before Sagan spoke, and the fact that there was no evidence for life for thousands of years before that was not discovered until the 1970s was not well known at the time.

It was also not known how long life existed in the universe.

That mystery is still being solved, thanks to the discoveries of the last 15 years.

One of those discoveries is a new theory of how the universe works that explains how we live in it.

The theory is known as cosmology.

It suggests that the entire universe was created by a massive explosion called the Big Bang.

That explosion occurred in about 13.8 billion years.

That’s how long it takes the universe to complete one complete revolution of space and time.

The Universe was a tiny speck in a huge cosmic arena.

That is how the Big Bounce is supposed to have happened.

After the Big Boom, everything in the Universe was made up of matter, which consists of atoms and subatomic particles.

In the early universe, there were atoms, so there were particles.

They were called protons, neutrons, and electrons.

After that, there was a new kind of particle, known as a quark.

The quark was an atomic particle that had the same mass as a proton.

It had no mass.

It only had the mass of a prokaryotic nucleus, and that was its only mass.

The rest of the quark’s mass was added to the mass that the proton had.

The mass of the prok.

quark and the mass from the protons and neutrons were added together.

That mass added up to the total mass of all matter in the cosmos.

There were protons that had mass, but there were no neutrons or electrons.

That means that the total matter in our universe was made of a very small amount of matter.

In other words, there wasn’t a lot of matter in it at all.

The universe itself is made of very small amounts of matter called dark matter.

That makes the universe so small that we have to make it up from scratch.

And that’s exactly what astronomers have done.

In 2013, researchers from the LIGO particle accelerator in France, and with the help of NASA’s Fermi Space Telescope, found the first “dark matter” particle.

The particle is made up mostly of a heavy form of matter known as gluons.

There are some very small numbers of neutrons and electrons in it, but those are the only ones that are known.

The scientists believe the dark matter particle is a consequence of what happened to the universe after the Big Bubble.

That event happened about 13 billion years ago, which is when the universe was just a speck of light in a vast cosmic arena filled with matter.

After about 13 million years, the Universe got smaller and smaller.

It became a black hole.

Dark matter and dark energy became the dominant forces of the Universe.

That left behind only the matter that we can see with the naked eye, called dark energy.

The dark energy in the early Universe was an enormous amount of energy, but it didn’t have a mass.

Its mass was just the mass we can make up out of a lot more matter than we can explain.

The new theory also predicts that the dark energy should have been annihilated by the Big Crunch.

The result would be a universe of very, very small, tiny particles.

These particles would then travel through space in all directions, all the time, all at once, and they would be trapped.

In a way, they’d be invisible to us.

The particles would only be observable when they collide with something that has a mass that is close to the dark mass.

This collision would produce an immense amount of gravitational energy.

When the dark particles collide with that object, the collision produces a powerful magnetic field.

When this field interacts with the particles, the energy released can cause them to move in all sorts of directions.

The colliding particles would end up in the center of the Milky Way galaxy, which would have a very dense dark matter cloud around it.

That would create a massive amount of dark matter that would trap the particles for thousands or millions of years.

The astronomers who first noticed the dark universe theory called it “the Big Bang theory.”

They called it that because the first particles to be created would have been very, small.

The first stars would have formed in a very tiny fraction of the

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