Trump to announce new museum and aquarium in Newark

President Donald Trump will announce a new science museum and an aquarium in the Newark area this week, a Trump administration official confirmed Thursday.

The announcement is being made at a White House press conference.

It was first reported by ABC News.

The Trump administration has been pushing the Newark Zoo and Aquarium to relocate its exhibits, which are located on the grounds of the Trump National Golf Club, in the last few months, the official said.

The Newark Zoo will be relocated from the former Newark Zoo Complex to the Newark Botanical Gardens.

The new museum will be located on a former Trump Tower parking lot on the city’s waterfront.

The aquarium will be built near the Newark Marine Laboratory, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection said Thursday.

Trump has said he plans to open the new museum in 2019.

He also has promised to renovate the Newark Convention Center and the Newark Museum of Art.

Trump also is considering an underwater observatory at the Newark Aquarium.

The Trump administration is also exploring the possibility of building a museum in New Orleans.

Trump will host the unveiling of the new Trump Aquarium and Science Museum in Newark, the Trump administration confirmed.

It is a collaboration between the president, the president’s family, the White House, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the National Parks Service.

Trump previously said the museum would be located in the former Trump National golf club in the Old City of New Jersey.

The president is planning to move the zoo out of its current location in the New Brunswick area.

The president will announce the new facility on Thursday, the administration official said Thursday afternoon.

The news comes as the Trump White House and the president of the United States are trying to work out the details of the administration’s proposed tax cut plan.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are expected to meet with congressional leaders on Friday.

The meeting will focus on the tax cuts, the two officials said.

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