The Simpsons and Bubbles are on their way to a new space: The Simpsons Museum

The Simpsons museum is coming to a building just south of the Capitol in Atlanta.

The museum, named for the late-night talk show host and his son, will open in 2019, according to a statement from the Georgia Department of Cultural Resources.

The building will feature an expanded, larger, and more expansive stage, a larger theater, a live orchestra, a new video display, and an outdoor space.

It will be the third Simpsons museum to open in Atlanta, following the former Simpsons building in downtown Atlanta and the current location of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Atlanta’s Greenbelt neighborhood.

“The Simpsons is coming back,” museum director Tom Mankoff said in a statement.

“We’re thrilled to be in Atlanta and look forward to bringing our beloved series to a whole new audience.”

The museum will also include a new permanent exhibit about the life and work of Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

The exhibit, which will open June 12, 2019, will focus on Groening’s early years at the Springfield Elementary School in Springfield, Massachusetts, and his involvement in the creation of the popular animated series.

Groening, who passed away in October 2017, was the host of the show, “The Groening Mysteries,” from 1983 to 1994.

The Simpsons, which has been around since 1976, follows Bart Simpson, his father Ned and friends as they tackle various daily life-or-death problems.

The series was created by Matt Groenfeld, who also created The Simpsons Movie, which premiered in 1989 and spawned several spinoffs.

The current Springfield is home to the Springfield City Council, a police department, and a new Springfield High School.

Groenstien, who will continue as museum director for the upcoming two-year exhibit, will oversee the exhibit and the upcoming season of the animated series, according the statement.

Groener also served as the executive producer of the series, and produced episodes of the current show.

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture will also be a part of the museum’s expansion.

“This is a really exciting development for us, and it’s a big deal for our local community,” Georgia State Senator John Alario, who is a member of the Georgia Science Museum Board of Directors, said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Alario is also a former mayor of Atlanta and a member the Science Museum board.

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