How to make your own ‘science museum’

The ‘science’ museum is one of the most sought-after, if not the most, sought-for places in modern art.

It’s an ideal place for the visitor to come for an hour-long walk around the science museum grounds, or for a private viewing.

However, it’s also been a site of controversy for many years. 

In 2015, an art gallery and museum owner called Art Gallery of London launched a campaign to create a ‘science space’ at the museum, but the plan was dropped after it was met with anger from the public. 

Now, a team of architects has designed an ‘intellectual hub’ that aims to create an environment where people can go and learn about the world’s most fundamental scientific knowledge. 

“It’s going to be a place where people go to learn about science and it’s going on a public site so it’s not just about the museum itself, it has to be something that everyone can see,” explained architect James MacGregor.

“It has to have a public space, something to go to. 

The idea is to make it a place of learning.” 

MacGregor and his team have designed a series of spaces that would house a collection of exhibits, and a visitor centre.

The exhibition would include the work of a group of scientists from around the world, including David Attenborough, John Cage and Sir David Attens, and the works of some of the world-renowned scientists.

“We want it to be interactive and accessible and we want people to come in and experience what it’s like to be an outsider, and then learn from it,” MacGregors told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“There are no hard and fast rules as to what’s acceptable. 

There are some rules, and we’ve been working with some of them over the last few years.”

The concept of an ‘idea hub’ is not new to science museums.

In 2015, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and London’s Science Museum in the UK, unveiled similar concepts, though both were scrapped in the wake of the Brexit vote.

In a statement, MacGregory said that the museum was working to create spaces for scientists that were not just ‘a museum’ but also a place that people could explore and interact with the work that they create.

“Science museums have been at the forefront of the arts for over 200 years and it is important to understand that the art world is one that has a rich history and a long legacy of exploration, discovery and engagement with the world,” he said.

The project is expected to be finished by the end of the year, and is expected by 2020.

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