What the ‘science’ museum of Shanghai looks like now: A gallery of the city’s future

Shanghai’s Science Museum of Tomorrow is an ambitious project to turn the former Chinese National Science Museum, in the heart of the country, into a modern museum that can house science exhibits and exhibitions.

The new Science Museum is in the midst of opening its doors to visitors this month.

This is the first time the museum is opening to the public since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took power in 1949.

Its design is by architect Wang Wei.

It will feature a large glass dome that will allow visitors to look through a huge glass window at the Chinese mainland and beyond.

The entrance will also be covered in panels and glass panels will be suspended from the ceiling of the glass dome.

The pavilion is about 10 meters tall, with glass panels covering the ceiling.

There will be a 360 degree view of the Chinese coastline, a large gallery, a sculpture garden, and a science exhibit gallery.

The exhibit hall will be made up of more than 40 large glass panels.

The interior of the pavilion will be lined with large windows that will let visitors explore the museum.

Inside the Science Museum there will be two main floors: one for the museum’s exhibits and a second for a museum reception hall.

The Science Museum has a total of 9.5 million square meters (11 million square feet) of space.

The first floor will contain about 15,000 exhibition exhibits.

The second floor will hold a reception hall, where visitors can ask questions, make comments and pose for photos.

It is not yet known how many rooms will be available on the second floor.

In addition to the exhibit hall, the Science M.T.O. will include a museum of Chinese-style culture and culture, which will also include a Chinese Garden.

The Science Museum will also house an outdoor art gallery, an outdoor theatre and a concert hall.

There are plans to open a science park.

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