Wonderlab: The Science Museum of the Future is going to be the most immersive science museum in the world, says Science Museum director

The Wonderlab Science Museum is a $5.9 million science museum set to open in the city of Wuhan next year.

It will be the biggest science museum ever opened in China.

It is also the first of its kind in the country, and it will be home to some of the most impressive displays of Chinese technology and design in the World.

The science museum will be able to display a total of 500 million objects from across China’s history and present a wealth of new discoveries in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, and materials science.

It also will offer access to its own special exhibits that showcase a variety of the world’s most advanced technology and technology development, as well as a number of new projects that are being developed by the Chinese state-owned China Academy of Sciences.

Here’s what you need to know about the science museum.1.

It’s going to feature some of China’s most cutting-edge technologies.

Wonderlab’s main exhibition, called Wonders and Mysteries of the World, will showcase the world in which China has emerged from the Great Leap Forward.

WonderLab will feature over 2,500 items, including more than 1,000 items from the Wonderlab collection.

There will also be an array of other items from China’s private collections.2.

The Science museum will house the first ever Chinese-designed humanoids, the Tiangong robot.

The robots, which are expected to cost $25,000, will allow the museum to test new technologies and improve on the robotic capabilities of the WonderLab.

It won’t be the first time that the Wonderlabs have been used to study the human brain, but Wonderlab will be a new facility to test this technology.3.

There’s going be an impressive collection of art.

Wonderlabor will house a gallery of work by artists including Feng Shiwen, Tian Li, Chen Xu, and Zhu Yuanchao.

The museum will also feature a large collection of Chinese art and a huge collection of rare books.4.

It has some incredible displays of technology.

Wonder Lab will house displays of new technologies including robots, lasers, cameras, and other high-tech items.5.

It’ll be home for a collection of China-themed books.

In addition to the Wonder Lab, the museum will have a large selection of books about China’s ancient history, history of technology, and science.6.

It promises to be a truly unique experience.

Wonder Labs previous design was called the Wonder Museum, but this time, the focus will be on science.

A new design is expected to be unveiled during the first week of April, which will feature the Wonder Labs first “smart” exhibits, including an automated tour system and an interactive learning program.7.

The design team at WonderLab has been working for some time to make sure that the exhibit is both immersive and accessible to visitors.

“We’re going to make it the most user-friendly science museum that ever existed,” WonderLab’s director Zhang Ye said.

“The technology we will be presenting will be truly unique and unique in the history of science.”8.

It could become a destination for students.

WonderLabs new exhibits will be open to students in the first quarter of 2019.

It plans to offer a variety on subjects like biology, astronomy, and physics, as part of its science and technology education program.

It currently offers about 30 science and math programs.9.

The exhibit will be one of the biggest exhibits in the region.

WonderLAB is the largest science museum of its type in the area, and the project is expected the largest in the nation.

There are plans for a variety the different exhibits, which include some of Chinese history and technology as well.10.

The new exhibits and new science museum have a lot of exciting news.

Wonder labs design is an innovation and innovation has a lot to do with the museum, Zhang said.

The project is also expected to have a great impact on the Chinese economy.

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