How to make a bedding set out to win the 2018 Nobel prize

Scientists in Norway have built a bed that looks like a spaceship and weighs a tonne.

It is called “HELMET”.

The team, from the Norwegian National Science Foundation, says it is not just a bed, but also a spaceship, but that it is a spaceship that is also a bed.

The bed, a collaboration between the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and the Norwegian Aerospace Center (Norca), has already won the Nobel prize in physics for its weightlessness.

The bed is a collaboration of scientists from NTNU, Norca and the University of Southern Denmark (USDS).

It has been named HELMET.

The project began in 2016 with an idea for a bed made from carbon nanotubes, a lightweight, flexible material that could be used for many applications.

“It was always a dream to make something like this,” said professor Anders Nyman, who worked on the project at NTNu.

“I remember when we first started working on it, it looked like it was going to be a lot of work.

But we kept working, and finally, it turned out to be something we could do.””

It’s not just one thing, it’s a lot,” he said.

“It’s a space-ship with wheels.

The design is very simple, but the idea was to make it as light as possible.”

The team started with a carbon nanosheet and began to add layers.

This material can be made into two different shapes using a laser.

The thickness of the sheets is limited by the size of the laser beam, so the team used a high-powered laser to make the sheets in sheets of two.

“The sheets were cut by laser,” Nyman said.

“Then we used high-speed rotary cutter machines to cut the sheets into smaller and smaller pieces,” he added.

Nyman said the team has created a “small bed” which is “about the size and shape of a piece of paper”.

It is “a very lightweight bed” and is only 10 per cent as heavy as other lightweight bed designs.

“You can fold the bed up into a cube or a square, and it’s about the same size,” Nymans said.

The team’s idea is to create a “space-ship bed” in the next five years.NTNu is an international research institute and the USDS is a member of the NSF.

The university is the only university in Norway with a PhD in astronomy and astrophysics.

The work is being published in the journal Science Advances.

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