When the world lost a little something: ‘A few things in life are worth fighting for’

When you lose something, it’s always good to know that someone else was able to fight for it.

So when scientists from the University of Haifa discovered the first fossil of a dinosaur that is believed to have lived more than 1.8 million years ago in the Middle East, they were quite touched.

“This is amazing to us because this is a fossil from the Middle Eastern region that is still under fossil preservation, but it has been in the hands of many people for decades,” said Prof. Avi Khatib, who led the study published in the journal Nature.

“It’s been in museums and in collections all over the world for many years, but only a few people knew about it.”

The fossil is from the femur of a modern sauropodomorph.

It is about 3 metres (10 feet) long and was discovered in the ancient desert town of Saqqara, in southern Iraq, in 2013.

It was the earliest specimen of a sauropods fossil to be found in the area.

It comes from the late Cretaceous period, when the area was covered by a huge ice sheet and was home to a wide range of animals.

The fossils were uncovered during a study on the dinosaur’s fossil teeth and bone fragments, which could help to identify it.

A new type of dinosaur The discovery has given scientists hope that there may have been more dinosaurs in the region than we thought.

“When we find a new species, it is usually an extremely rare species that is only found in a very small part of the world,” said Dr. Raimondo Raghavan, a paleontologist at the University and the co-author of the paper.

“And then the other thing that we know about them is that they had long necks and long claws.

And now we have an interesting specimen with a long neck and claws.

This is the first dinosaur to have these attributes.”

The researchers are currently trying to determine the age of the dinosaur.

“In the future, we might be able to see how many of these fossils have been preserved,” Prof. Raghavans said.

The discovery of the fossil has made it possible to get to know a bit more about the environment in which this dinosaur lived, and also its diet. “

We might find that this is not the first sauropeck dinosaur, but maybe it’s the oldest one we have found.”

The discovery of the fossil has made it possible to get to know a bit more about the environment in which this dinosaur lived, and also its diet.

“The fossil is a new type, which means it is unique to the region, and it is a dinosaur which has been fossilised, but not studied for long,” Prof Raghava said.

It has been a while since we’ve been able to look at dinosaurs and their diets from this angle, he added.

“I would like to think that this has been the beginning of a new phase in our understanding of these dinosaurs.”

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