The first transatlantic radio transmission from the Smithsonian’s Science Museum Riverhead has been discovered by scientists at the world’s oldest science museum

The first radio transmission between the Smithsonians Science Museum and a nearby public radio station has been found, the museum said Wednesday.

The Smithsonians Riverhead is the largest public science museum in the U.S., and its scientific activities, exhibitions, lectures and programs are among the nation’s top-rated attractions.

On May 19, researchers from the University of Texas at Austin used a specially-designed fiber-optic transceiver to hear a broadcast of the Science Museum’s “The Science of Life” from a building in the Science Center’s Riverhead building.

They were able to hear the transmission using the radio’s directional antenna.

“The transmission has been authenticated using a technique that we call the high-frequency, high-capacity transmission,” said Sarah Farr, director of the Smithsonian Science Museum, in a statement.

“It’s the first such transmission in the museum’s history.”

The transmission was transmitted using a specially built fiber-netting transceiver at the Smithsonian museum.

The museum said the transceiver is a specially designed fiber-line cable that transmits information at a frequency of about 1.5 GHz, which is higher than most commercial transceivers, about 1,800 feet above the earth.

The antenna was built by a company called E.V.R. Wireless, which has been making fiber-nets for over a century.

The radio station that heard the transmission, a radio station called AM 2100, is owned by Radio Broadcast Alliance, an industry group that works to ensure the radio industry remains free from interference from the wireless industry.

Radio station AM 2100 had no comment Wednesday.

Radio broadcasters have been in a standoff with the wireless companies since 2015 over how to ensure radio stations receive uninterrupted wireless coverage, but the companies have managed to work out a deal.

The U.K.-based National Broadband Network is set to become the first country to offer radio service on a mass scale.

The American Association of Broadcasters says the industry is in a better position than it was to begin negotiations.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has said he wants the FCC to move to reclassify the wireless market as a telecommunications service under Title II, which prohibits discrimination.

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