Why does the ‘Science Museum’ in San Antonio, Texas, look like a giant UFO landing site?

By now, you know that the San Antonio Science Museum is a real-life UFO landing field.

The space museum has a large alien UFO that landed on the campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) last month.

It is not the first time that the UFO landed on UTSA, however.

In 2012, it landed on a campus in San Diego, California, and caused a disturbance.

A similar incident happened again in 2015.

This year, the UFO was reportedly spotted by a tourist who went to the museum on vacation.

The UFO landed near a small field that is a part of the San Gabriel Mountains, the site of the UFO landing.

The museum is known as the Science Museum, and the field is called the Monument to the Moon.

It’s a beautiful site and there are so many different species of creatures that live there.

However, some residents in the area don’t like the sight of the strange UFO.

The San Antonio Times reported that residents have been saying that the museum is a giant alien landing site, but that it’s not real.

Residents have also criticized the fact that it looks like it has been converted into a “space station.”

According to the San Marcos Sentinel, the San Antonians are upset that the “space-station” theme is being used in the theme of the museum, which is being constructed on top of a real NASA facility.

The city council also sent a letter to the Texas State Library of Science and Technology (LSST), which is building the museum.

The letter was signed by three council members, including Ald.

Rodolfo “Bubba” Romero, a former mayor of San Antonio.

“We feel that this is a blatant misuse of the ‘Space Station’ theme and the fact is, it’s just a space station,” Romero told the Sentinel.

He added that the area is known for its nature of the mountains and the history of the city, and that it is not appropriate for the museum to be located there.

“It is a beautiful area.

We would not want to build this museum on top,” Romero said.

“The only reason we have a space-station is because of our history.

We need to preserve that.”


the Sentinel, “the museum was designed to be the largest in the world, a symbol of San Antonios’ rich history and diversity of flora and fauna.”

According the Sentinel report, the museum was supposed to be constructed on the site that is now a large parking lot, and was to include an alien landing craft, which would have been an important part of its theme.

However in a letter posted on the museum’s website, the team said that the project was delayed “due to the fact the alien craft is currently being tested on the ground.”

The team also claimed that they are now considering moving the exhibit to a different location in the museum if the project is not completed.

They said that if the site is moved, the “residents of the area would have to leave the museum as they have been for decades.”

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