How to celebrate the opening of the first science museum in Australia

The science museum is opening in Melbourne this week.

It is the first of its kind in Australia and was founded by science museum founder David Arnott and his wife Rachel.

David Arnott, who was a scientist himself, said the idea for the museum came to him after a night out at the Bali nightclub with his partner, Rachel Arnott.

“I had a few drinks, we just had a good time and decided that we could have a little fun and go out and have a few cocktails and see what the fun would be and I thought, ‘That sounds good’,” he said.

“So I got in touch with the Arnott family and I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could open a museum?'”

The Arnotts had just bought a house in Melbourne and were looking to renovate and I told the family that it would be great to open the museum in the city centre.

“They said, well, we already have a museum in Melbourne, let’s have the same thing.”

It was just a natural progression.

“The museum is set to open in November.

The building, which is located at the corner of the M2 and M3 motorways, will house the Arnetts’ Science Museum and Science Garden, which includes the first museum of its type in the country.”

We really believe in the power of the natural environment,” Mr Arnott said.

The Arnotts’ museum is also one of the only ones in Australia to be open to the public.”

This will be our only science museum,” he said, adding the Arnots would like to host a few events for the public, such as the first annual “SciFest” in November which will take place from 7 to 10pm.

The museum will feature art, science and technology exhibitions, interactive exhibits and a children’s science room.

The first exhibition of its sort in Australia is a book of photography which will be on display in the science museum from October.

The book will be titled “What is Life?

A Photographer’s View of the Cosmos”, written by Peter van der Linden.

It tells the story of a Dutch photographer who discovered life on Mars and its moons in 1878.

The exhibition will also feature a collection of photographs taken by astronauts on the space station.

The second exhibition, “Movies on Mars: What We See,” will feature a selection of films made by the astronauts on space stations.”

Our aim is to engage them in the scientific exploration of Mars and explore their imagination as well as their passion and the imagination of their future explorers.””

We hope to encourage young people in the community to look beyond the images and see the amazing images that the scientists and engineers and engineers have made.”

Our aim is to engage them in the scientific exploration of Mars and explore their imagination as well as their passion and the imagination of their future explorers.

“The Arnots have also funded a book about the first contact between humans and the alien life forms that has been published by Macmillan, with plans to release the book in 2018.

A second book, titled “Mars and the Universe” is also being released this year.

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