Cosmocaïxa Science Museum’s new $5.9 million building opens with its first exhibition

NEMO, France — Cosmocaùs new $7.7 million science museum is opening this month with the first exhibition on cosmogony, the study of the universe and the cosmos.

Cosmos is a project of the French National Center for Scientific Research.

The museum’s curator, Lucie Blum, says it was an obvious choice for the project to create an exhibition that will be open to everyone.

“The idea of this exhibition was to bring people together and to create a space where they can get together to experience the whole of cosmology,” Blum told AFP news agency.

Blum, who is also director of the Natural History Museum of Paris, says that the aim is to make the space a place where people can learn about the cosmos and its history.

Her main goal is to introduce the museum to the general public, who might otherwise never visit the museum.

“The goal is always to get them to come to the museum and to be part of the project,” she said.

Its main exhibition is a new exhibit on the history of the Universe, which Blum said has been largely neglected.

She said that the new exhibit will explore the cosmological events of the first five billion years of the cosmos, and how the universe began.

Scientists are currently exploring how the Universe was created, but many people believe it was caused by a black hole.

A new theory is that the Universe began with a single collision between two black holes.

It was thought to have been a natural phenomenon that occurred at the dawn of the Solar System.

Blum said the project is also meant to encourage people to learn about science.

“(The exhibition) will help to open up the scientific mind and to bring more people together to explore the world around them, she said, adding that the space will have a great deal of visitors.”

This project has become an opportunity for people to understand and connect with other scientists and other people who are interested in cosmology.

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