When will I see the new Cumberland Science Museum?

By James HagerThe new Cumbrian Science Museum will open in 2018. 

It will be the first time in Britain a museum dedicated to science has opened in its own country. 

The Cumbrians have long been a science-oriented society. 

They were among the first countries to develop and launch a national scientific centre, the Cumbria Research Centre for Science and Technology, which was later renamed the Royal Institution of Edinburgh and later renamed Cumbric. 

Cumbria was also one of the first nations to have a national museum of arts and culture, the Edinburgh National Museum.

The museum is part of the Royal Society of Arts, which is dedicated to the study of art, literature, and science.

It is part funded by the UK’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Science Museum, which are both funded by government departments. 

“We have a long history of science in Cumbrie and its surrounding area and have been proud of this commitment,” said Cumbry Science Museum director Tim Cottrell.

“I am delighted that our work on this new project will include an area that celebrates the very best in our nation’s science and technology.”

It is an exciting time for science in Britain and I know that our visitors will be keen to learn more about the history of the scientific discoveries that were made in the area.

“The museum will feature an array of science exhibits including a selection of the work of the Victorian era scientist Sir John Huygens. 

There will also be an extensive exhibition of scientific instruments and instruments of use from the Victorian period, as well as the first ever scientific experiments carried out by a British scientist. 

Visitors will also have the opportunity to explore Cumbreese’s oldest science museums, the Museum of Science and Industry (MSEI) and the MSEI Museum of the History of Science. 

Museum visitors will also see the first new science centre in the UK in 30 years, a museum in the middle of the Cascades, and a new exhibition of the British Antarctic Survey’s research ships and their crew. 

What will you see? 

Cumberland has long been known for its great natural wonders, with the Cumberlands National Park boasting some of the world’s most stunning and well-preserved natural sites, including the famous Cumbland Fells. 

In the last few years, the town has become the focus of a new conservation campaign that aims to preserve the world heritage value of its famous fens.

The Cascadia Fells are one of only three protected areas in the world. 

Its importance is being recognised through its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List for the first year in 2020. 

For this, the conservationists will be celebrating their first year at the museum and the first of several public tours that will take place throughout the year. 

You can see more about Cumbia’s conservation achievements on the official website.

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