Which science museums in Wales are getting the best weather?

WILTSHIRE, Wales — Science museum Weddings in Wales is getting its own weather station, as the county’s premier museum celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The Wedders are getting an annual weather station on a platform mounted on the roof of the museum, which can be controlled remotely.

Wedding venues in Wales can choose from five weather stations, ranging from the driest of wet weather to the most arid and snowy.

A Wilshire Police spokesperson said it was the first time a Welsh Police service had offered weather services in Wales.

“This is a great opportunity to test the capabilities of the new Wilsshire Police Weather Station,” he said.

There are now 20 Wilshires weather stations in operation, with more to be added to the network.

It’s hoped the station will help people planning a trip to Wales, as they will be able to use the data from the stations to make decisions about how to dress and where to go.

For the first 10 years, Weddances was one of the few museums in the county to offer weather services, although the Welsh Government later decided not to renew the contract.

On Thursday, the Wilshires Ministry of Defence announced it would be opening a new weather station in Wilsley, near the site of Weddiers original station, to provide “weather, weather and more weather.”

The new station, known as the WILTWO, will be open from January 1 to September 30.

 It will be operated by the Royal Navy’s Weather Surveillance Unit, which has been running in Wilshire since 2010.

Last year, the government announced a further four stations would be opened, and the Wiltons National Park Authority (NWPA) announced it was considering adding a fifth.

But the Wiltshire County Council said Weddresses original weather station will remain in operation for now.

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