How to Photograph a Star on the Moon

The Moon is so close to the Earth, you can practically taste the air, and it’s easy to miss the stars because you’re in a space station.

But in a way, we’re just seeing the background of a distant planet, thanks to the gravitational pull of our Sun.

The Moon, which lies at the furthest point in our solar system from Earth, is so far away that we don’t get much light from it.

This is why, as the Moon’s orbit moves in the direction of the Sun, it’s so bright.

But this is what scientists are trying to find out: how far does it travel?

Scientists have been looking at the Moon to find answers for some time.

Now, thanks in part to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), a robotic spacecraft that launched in 2003, researchers have been able to get an unprecedented look at the planet’s surface.

And the answer, researchers say, is that it’s only about a hundred thousand kilometers (about 500 miles) from the Earth.

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