Which is the best science museum in the world?

It’s a question that has baffled scientists, and it has prompted a bid to put the question to an expert panel.

Science museum experts are due to be asked to help with a bid for the title of “world’s best science museums”.

A joint venture is set to be formed to put forward the bid for a “world-class science museum”.

The theme for the event is “best science museums in the country”.

“This is not about one museum but a group of museums that represent the best of the best,” said Joanne Gorman, a science museum expert at the University of Liverpool.

“The theme is ‘the best science in the city’.”

We want to give a nod to the city of Liverpool, which has produced some of the world’s best scientific institutions and has an excellent reputation.

“A city is a place of creativity, and I’m hoping to give some recognition to the museums and other institutions in the area.”

She added: “The theme should also reflect the quality of the museums, the quality and history of the collections, and the heritage of the collection.”

The main theme is that science is an important part of the life of the city and we are trying to make sure we reflect that.

“The theme of the event will be chosen from among three possible categories: “Best of the City”, “Best in Europe”, and “Best among the World”.”

I think it is important to acknowledge that science in Liverpool has always been a special part of life here,” said Mr Gorman.

Ms Gorman has been a long-time member of the Science Museum Advisory Group, which advises the Liverpool City Council on a range of issues related to the local museum sector.

She said the selection process was designed to give “a broad and inclusive selection” of museum sites and the opportunity for “a lot of local artists, writers, filmmakers, historians, historians of science and artists”.

There will be presentations from a range, including Dr David King, author of the bestselling book The Book of the Cosmos; Dr Steve D’Arcy, former head of the University’s Department of Geology; and Dr Tom Brown, the director of the Centre for the Study of the Atmosphere at the School of Physics and Astronomy at Liverpool.

The first round of the competition will be held in March.

The winning bid will then be unveiled at the National Science Museum in London on April 14.

It will then travel to the London Science Museum for the final round of voting.

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