Science museum to open in Jaipur

The Science Museum of Jaipoor will open in September 2019, a year after a government-run initiative aimed at opening a museum and science museum in the city’s industrial heartland had started.

The museum is slated to be the second of its kind in the country.

The Jaipurt Science Museum is a collaborative venture between Jaipuri University and the Jaipuros Science Museum.

The project is aimed at creating a hub for science and technology and also provides a platform for learning.

It will be opened at a time when Jaipura has witnessed rapid development and job creation.

It is a multi-disciplinary museum.

The government is planning to start a new university campus, the first of its type in the State.

The Science Institute of Jaipsud, a joint venture between the University and Jaipuru, will be located in the Jaapur area.

The Science Museum will have exhibition space and will include two-bedroom suites.

The collection will be curated by a curator of the Jaipsuds Science Museum, who will have the responsibility of keeping it on top of the trends in science and engineering.

The Jaipurs will also be part of the team for the project.

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