How to use your phone in Phoenix Science Museum

The Phoenix Science Moms Museum has a few tricks up its sleeve, and they’re all about the art and science.

The museum is offering free guided tours of the exhibit halls and exhibits, but you can also try to take advantage of the free public tours with your smartphone.

You can start the tour by tapping the Google+ button and selecting “Phoenix Science Museum” from the list of options.

There’s also a special Google+ video option to watch a narrated video of one of the exhibits.

Once you’ve seen the museum, you can swipe the green “Discover” button to the right to take a tour of the gallery or a few other galleries.

In addition, the museum offers a free video tour for the public at the end of each hour.

If you’re not feeling the rush, you could also take a look at the museum’s other free exhibits.

The first exhibit on display is called “The Human Body,” which focuses on the human body as a complex organism.

It features interactive animations and animations with animations, and also shows you how the human skin reacts to certain stressors, such as a stroke.

The second exhibit, “Biology in Action,” is called The Biology of Human Reproduction.

The exhibit tells you the biology of reproduction, including how the female gamete (egg) fertilizes the egg, how the male gamete fertilizes sperm, and how a human fetus grows into a full-grown adult.

You’ll also get a peek into the anatomy of a mouse and a zebra finch.

The Science Museum’s exhibit rooms and galleries also have video screens, and the free tours will offer you a video feed of the science museum.

You could also see some videos on the museum website, such the one showing how to use the iPhone app to view the exhibits and videos.

The exhibits are also available for $4 each, and you’ll get a gift certificate for a “Sensory Tour of the Museum.”

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