What you need to know about the security at the science museum in New York City

Posted November 14, 2018 04:07:47It was an old house that used to house the museum.

It was once owned by a couple of artists.

It’s now a science museum.

And it was one of the first ones in the world to open.

It wasn’t just about science.

It had a whole different meaning, and that’s why it’s a great place to visit.

We were just walking around the house, the one in New Rochelle, on the Upper West Side, when suddenly, this giant black box started coming out of the back of the house and came to life.

It was just sitting there.

It started to move.

It didn’t have the right gear.

And when it finally opened, it was so loud that we were scared to go inside.

We thought, what is that?

It’s a robot.

And the robot, in the middle of the field, said, no, it’s not.

It is not the robot.

It’s a space robot.

That’s when we knew it was a robot, because there was this robot inside.

The robot was talking to us and said, what do you want?

It was a human in a space suit.

It came into the museum and said what’s going on?

What are you talking about?

We’re not talking about this.

It said, the museum is open.

And we went back in there, and we walked in, and it was like, what are you guys doing?

It was kind of like a joke.

We weren’t expecting to see a robot in a museum.

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