How Did the New York Times Make an Anti-Trump Artful Play on Trump’s Death?

How Did The New York Time Make an Against-Trump Play on His Death?

It’s not hard to understand why the Times is taking a lot of flak over the cover story on a new museum exhibit that was supposed to make the case that “climate change is real” and that the president was really the cause of it.

The exhibit is titled “The Science Museum: The Science of Global Warming,” and its title is a play on words.

The piece argues that the climate was real and the Trump administration was the real culprits.

In a tweet, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio praised the museum’s title, writing, “the science museum: the science museum” is an incredibly smart and bold play.

And it’s not just the title that’s clever.

There are a few different ways in which the piece is framed.

The first is that the museum is set in a science museum.

In the title text, the museum shows that there are several scientists in the museum, including two scientists who have published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals.

But the museum also has the title “The Climate Museum.”

It’s actually a museum that explores the history of climate science.

The title of the exhibit suggests that climate change is really a myth.

The museum is not an actual museum.

The “science museum” part of the title is just a way of framing the museum in a way that suggests that the science is not actually the subject of the article.

The theme of the show is that climate science is in fact a myth, and that it’s really just a political propaganda tool for the fossil fuel industry.

It’s a classic example of framing in a play that is meant to undermine the object of the piece.

The second way in which this article is framed is the way it presents Trump’s death.

The article is titled, “The Art of the Myth,” and the title says it all.

It is the title of a piece by art critic David Byrne that uses art to explain how the myth of the “climate” was formed.

It tells us that the myth was first born in the 1950s, and it was created by a young man named Richard Muller, a man who died in 1964, but who was still alive.

He believed that the sun was actually a giant ball of energy, which he said was the source of the climate change that he was afraid was coming.

The art that Byrne is referring to is called the “Muller Myth,” which is a very common myth in the art world, but it’s also the opposite of what is actually happening in the science world.

The story goes that Muller was an artist who had a big vision about what the future might look like, and he decided to spend years drawing images of himself as an anthropologist.

He would sit at a desk drawing maps of the world, and then he would go to his friend and ask him to do the same.

The friend would draw a map of the universe, and Muller would then tell him that there was a vast emptiness and there was nothing there.

Muller then would say, “Now what if I said, ‘Well, this is the Earth’?

I’ll draw a large sphere, and I’ll say, ‘This is the sphere I drew the last time.'”

The friend of Muller’s would say “OK, that’s all well and good, but where are the other two spheres?”

And Muller would say: “There’s a whole lot of spheres there, but I don’t know how big they are.”

So he would say something like, “Well, the Earth is a big ball of stuff.”

And the friend would say to Muller, “No, you’re wrong.

There’s an entire planet.

And if there’s no other planets out there, it has to be the Earth.”

That was Muller’s vision.

He was the person who created the myth.

But then he went off to a very different career.

Muller’s wife died of cancer, and her son died, and they decided that Muller should make a career of making art.

He decided to do a project in the United States.

He began by making paintings of his own likeness, which were then sold.

He had no artistic ambitions, and was trying to make his paintings sell as much as possible.

But Muller realized that he needed to do something that was not a painting, but a work of art.

And he wanted to do this because he wanted his paintings to tell the story of the human condition.

The idea that the art he created could change the way we look at the world and the way the world sees us and that he would tell the truth about the world came to him while he was in the midst of this.

Muller was very concerned about the environment.

He wanted to show that humans are responsible for their own destruction.

He felt like the painting would be a way

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