NASA: Antenna is a huge hit at the Antenna Museum

NASA is showing off a new Antenna at its new Science Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.

A few months ago, the Smithsonian Institution announced that they were making a new exhibit that included some Antenna parts, as well as the antenna that the museum’s antenna was based on.

The new exhibit, titled “Antenna”, includes the antenna of a piece of antenna that was part of a radio telescope, as part of the Antennas collection.

You can see a video of the exhibit at the end of this post, but you can see an image of the display in the above image.

It includes a variety of parts from a radio transmitter, as a part of what the museum calls the Antenga radio telescope collection.

It’s interesting to note that the antenna part is not a piece that was originally from a telescope, but rather the antenna was made from a piece made from an antenna that had been used in an antenna telescope.

“This piece of equipment was designed to be mounted on the antenna telescope, and was used for observing with a telescope in a relatively simple manner,” NASA said in a statement.

It’s a bit of a surprise that the AnteGenna museum is actually able to get something of such significance like this from NASA, but they do have other pieces of the same type of antenna in their collection that are more commonly known as antennas.

The Antenna museum’s collection is a bit more obscure, but the museum does have other things that are not only related to the antenna, but also to radio astronomy.

As you can tell, the AntaeGenna radio telescope is not the most popular one, but it’s not the only one either.

In fact, the antenna is also a part that is used in other radio astronomy equipment, including a radio spectrograph that was used to observe the effects of radio waves in the early 1970s.

Antenna parts are still available for sale online, but I’m sure that you’ll have to take a tour to see them.

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