I’m an artist, I’ve been an engineer and a scientist, and I’ve also been a scientist and an artist (1:16)

I have been a professional artist, scientist, engineer, and artist, but now I’m looking at art and engineering as well.

I’ve always been interested in creating and creating with other people, but I also had a passion for science, engineering, and mathematics.

It wasn’t until a friend asked me to join a project to help a friend with a research project that I really had an interest in it.

I think it’s a huge skill set that can be learned in a very short period of time.

If you have a passion and a need to make things and make progress, you’re going to learn it in art.

As an engineer, I was a big proponent of software engineering and building things.

That’s something I’ve continued to do.

I love to create things and I love collaborating with people to make something happen.

And now that I’m a scientist/artist, I think I’m also more of a leader.

I’m really enjoying my time at the Museum of Science and Engineering in Peoria, Illinois, and am very grateful to have a chance to be part of that institution.

I can’t wait to meet the people who work here and to see what’s going on.

 What would you say is your most rewarding moment as an artist?

I’d say my most rewarding moments have always been when I was able to see a project in progress or to be a part of a team that’s working together to accomplish a goal.

Sometimes that’s something that can only happen once, but that’s what it is when you work on something together.

I also think it would be fun to make a sculpture or an art piece.

How do you find inspiration?

Sometimes you just want to look at something and be inspired by it.

When I was at the Peoria Science Museum, I would look at the display and just think, “Wow, that’s cool.”

I would imagine what it would look like, or what it was like when I first saw it, and then I would put it into the frame and look at it.

Sometimes I would do that all the time.

I would always find something that I would want to create or have a project with.

What is your favorite piece you have created?

There are a few things I’ve created that I’d love to see become a part, like my first piece, called “The Life-Saving Light” which I was doing for the Peorians Science Museum.

That was a project I had to make in my own time, because I couldn’t really get permission from Peoria for the museum to do that, but the museum decided to give it to me anyway.

I also wanted to make an artwork for the Smithsonian Institution, because the museum was asking me to make this piece and I thought that it was pretty cool and I wanted to share it with people.

You’ve created many beautiful pieces.

What has been the most challenging or rewarding piece you’ve created?

I think that my most challenging piece is “The Light.”

I made it in 2009 for the Chicago Art Museum and then, in 2010, I had an idea that I wanted the pieces to look like something I’d see on the news, and so I did it.

It’s a really beautiful piece, but it’s hard to get to know what the real world is like, and the thing that I didn’t know was that it’s actually a very dangerous thing to be on the street.

So I decided to make it, because, you know, you can go on the subway or the train and see that and not be afraid to go out there and do things.

The thing I’m most proud of is the fact that the pieces are actually made of steel and wood, and that they have an incredibly high level of craftsmanship.

It feels like I’ve just got to spend hours on it and work really hard to be able to get the exact pieces to the finish line.

Which artists or scientists have influenced your art and/or engineering?

I’ve never really really considered artists and scientists.

I have a really eclectic mix of artists and I’m always looking to do new things, but there’s one artist I really love who’s a great scientist.

He was able, at the age of 25, to do a whole study of the DNA of mosquitoes.

He’s an amazing scientist and his work has been used for many different things.

He created a new type of DNA that he used in his experiments, which is one of the reasons he’s been able to be successful at all.

But I have artists who really influenced me and who are really exciting to me.

One of my favorite artists is James McPherson.

He is the person who invented the term “Artificial Intelligence,” which is a term that has been around for 50 years.

He invented

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