An ‘indigenous’ ‘Hammocks’ project at Michigan Science Museum’s museum

The museum’s own website says its ‘Hampshire’ program, “is a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution, the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of American Art, and the Detroit Public Library,” which are working together to create an exhibit on “the history of American science, and how it informs the lives of people throughout the world.” 

This year, the Smithsonian Institute partnered with the Detroit Museum of Art and the Museum and Library of Congress, as well as the Detroit-based Michigan Science Museums Association, to open a new exhibit titled “Indigenous Knowledge.” 

“The exhibit will tell the story of a particular tribe from the Americas, and we want to explore the ways in which they have used science and technology to understand the world around them,” museum spokesperson Julie Stacey told Ars.

“The exhibit is a celebration of the diversity of our communities, and also the way we all have been connected to each other through science and engineering.”

The Smithsonian’s Michigan Science museum opened its doors in 1915.

In 2017, the museum announced it would host its first “Science and Technology Museum Day,” which will be the first public event for the museum since 2013. 

Hampusches work is a part of a larger “Hampouse” project, which has been in place at the museum for about 25 years.

In 2016, the Detroit Free Press reported on a project called “The Hampouse,” which featured a series of workshops, exhibits, and presentations on topics such as “scientific literacy” and “environmental sustainability.”

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