The Science Museum’s new exhibit on the discovery of the Earth’s first dinosaurs

The Smithsonian’s new science museum is launching a massive exhibit on dinosaurs in its main exhibit hall.

The Smithsonian Institution said Monday that it will debut the exhibit at its main campus in Washington, D.C., and will include a 360-degree view of the Jurassic-era world that the museum says was first discovered in 1869.

The exhibit, titled “Dinosaurs: The Evolution of Life on Earth,” will be the centerpiece of the institution’s 2017-2018 academic year.

The dinosaur exhibit will be an interactive multimedia experience that will explore dinosaurs in their evolutionary history, from their earliest appearance to the last major extinction event.

It will also include an interactive 3D model of the first dinosaur footprints.

It’s the first time the museum has offered an interactive dinosaur exhibit at the main campus, according to Smithsonian spokeswoman Kate Pachlak.

“Dinosaur fossils have been the focus of Smithsonian museums for generations, and the new dinosaur exhibit is the culmination of more than a decade of research,” said Smithsonian president Charles Darwin.

“This new exhibit will make dinosaurs a central focus of the Museum’s programs and exhibit, and we are thrilled to bring this fascinating story to life.”

The exhibit will run through the end of the academic year, though some areas will open on Oct. 16 and 17.

Dinostichus, a sauropod dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous period, lived in what is now the southwestern United States.

It was the last member of a family of sauropods that lived in the Gobi Desert.

Dinosaurus fossils are thought to have been found in a lake in northwestern Russia.

A team led by paleontologist Christopher A. Hausmann of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which discovered the first fossil bones in 2003, found that they belonged to a new species of dinosaur called the Ornithischia.

They were named after the ornithischian dinosaurs, a group of reptiles that include the dinosaurs.

The new dinosaur, known as Ornitholophus, was the first species of saurischian dinosaur to appear on Earth, Smithsonian paleontologists say.

Its teeth and clawed hands made it one of the earliest dinosaurs, but it also gave rise to a variety of other large dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurus rex and the Tyrannosaurus exoskeleton.

Scientists also discovered a new genus of dinosaur in the Late Jurassic period, and it included two new species: Ornithodontosaurus and Ornithoraptor.

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