‘The best thing’ for the 2018 FIFA World Cup – Part 3

In the third part of our interview with Italian football journalist Carlo Caffinari, we ask him about the best moment of his career so far, what it’s like to work with the likes of Roberto Mancini, Cristiano Ronaldo and Diego Costa, and the upcoming FIFA World cup.1.

The FIFA World Cups are such a big event, with the whole world watching it.

What has been the most exciting moment of the World Cup so far?

Caffinaris: We have been very lucky to have a lot of events, a lot to watch, a few good matches, great atmospheres and of course, the FIFA World Championship in 2018.

The fans are a very good audience and the media have been fantastic, so the atmosphere has been wonderful.

It’s amazing how much people care about soccer, and so we can’t wait to see how the games are going to go in Russia, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.2.

The first World Cup in Russia in 2018 was a shock.

How did it feel?

Cattini: The first one was a little bit too difficult.

There were some players, the atmosphere was quite strong, and everyone was expecting the worst.

The second one was much more enjoyable.

We had a lot more time to prepare and it was quite clear that we were playing a very strong team and we were going to win.3.

There was a lot going on on the pitch during the games.

How much is there in your team’s DNA that you are a big fan of?

Cuccini: There is one player in our team that is a big soccer fan, who is one of the most experienced players on the planet.

He has his own set of beliefs and he doesn’t like to change.

He’s very happy with his team and he’s always ready to give his opinion on the game.

He plays with his back to the goal, which is the way we like to play.4.

We were surprised to see some of the top clubs in Europe being invited to the 2018 World Cup.

How would you describe their chances of making the finals?

Caccini: I think it’s a bit of a pity that a lot players don’t come, because they want to play at the top.

They are used to being invited.

They see that their position is getting weaker, and they think that they should have an advantage.

We are going into a new era in football, so we have to look at things in a different way.5.

It was great to be able to be part of the celebrations and celebrations of the opening ceremony in Moscow.

You are also known as a fan of football, do you have any particular favourites from the competition so far or does it all just come down to the team?

Cincini: Well, I have to say that there is one particular player in my team, who I am a huge fan of.

He is a player who plays on a club level, in the Premier League and he is one who will always give you his opinion.

He will always say the right thing.

It is great to see the respect he shows to the fans, as well as to other players.6.

How has the World Championship been?

Cacciini: It was a very difficult tournament.

There have been many difficult games, especially in the first half, when the atmosphere changed and you could feel the heat of the fans.

We lost 2-0 to Paraguay, so I would say we are definitely not happy with the result.

We will see next year.7.

It seems as though a lot is going on at the moment, and some of it is good.

What can you say about the 2018 season so far in terms of the quality of the players and how much is going to change?

Cucini: We need to look forward and we will look at all the results and try to improve as a team.

We need more players with quality.

It will be tough to get them all, but hopefully we will be better in the next two years.8.

The team’s goal is to become a European title contender.

How do you see the team going in 2018?

Caffeini: At the moment we are in the same position as in 2017.

It wasn’t that we won the World Cups or anything like that, we just had a poor World Cup season.

But this time we are really close to being able to become Champions.

I am convinced that we will become Champions, and we are all on board.

We have to work very hard, especially at the beginning of the season.

We know we need to improve, and hopefully we can be the Champions.9.

How many people are you working with on a daily basis?

Cuffini: Some of my best friends, but also some of my closest friends.

It depends on the day, and who has a good team, but I have a good group of

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