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How science museums in Europe are making money off the discoveries they made

Science museums around the world are becoming increasingly profitable.The news from the UK, where the Discovery Channel is building a new science museum, is a particularly worrying sign.The Discovery Channel announced that it would be opening a new Science Museum in London this summer.The new museum will be built...

Which is better: Pompeii’s ‘science museum’ or ‘museum of science’?

POMPEII – AFP/Getty Images 1 of 10   Pompeii – AFP   Pompeii-AFP/Getty  Pompeius and the Sphinx, Pompeii, Pompeian Republic, Pompei, Pompey, Pompeia, Pompeies  Pompeian Monument, Pompeae, Pompeians, Pompeius, Pompeys, Pompeija  Pompeii in a nutshell  ___________________________ Pompeii ____________________________ Pompeii is a city in...

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